Westcliff Pre School

A big welcome to the new term especially to our new starters who we know will enjoy many happy times with us.

There have been no changes to our staff this term and we know that they will enjoy, as much as the children, the varied and interesting teaching and topics which we are continuing to provide for the Children.

We hope you all had a wonderful summer. It’s quite hard to believe that very soon we shall be in October and before we all know, it will be “Christmas!”

Our topic this term will be “Autumn”. We hope to get out in the garden as much as possible so the children can observe the mini beasts and the changing colour of the trees and plants. If the weather holds out we may be able to take small groups of the children for trips to the park where they will be able to look at the different animals and trees there. We will be in touch regarding this at a later date.

The Preschool owners, Glen, David, Gordon and Kim wish everyone a very happy term and hope that it won’t take too long for our new young friends to be settled and enjoying our pre-school and all that it offers.

New Role: Sam (Caterpillar Room) has been promoted to Deputy Manager. Congratulations Sam. We hope you enjoy your new role!

New Contact Details: Jo has her own email for the nursery, which she will pick up during nursery hours! westcliffmanager@gmail.com

Our numbers are staying the same: Nursery Mobile: 07757 954477 Landline: 01702 472735

Have you liked us on Facebook yet? https://www.facebook.com/westcliffpreschool?fref=ts

The website remains www.westcliffpreschool.org and has undergone a makeover and is well worth a visit !!